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Future Sensors and Technologies

Earth observation (EO) radio frequency and optical sensors are the key enablers that acquire scientific measurements of an EO space mission.

Pre-development of these sensors enable risk retirement, exploration of new sensing concepts and confirmation of feasibility at earlier phases of a mission. It also allows for the calibration of measurements with airborne campaigns using specific instruments. This is made possible by state-of-the art technology advances such as miniaturisation, higher accuracy sensors and advanced space-to-ground communications. These activities are done in close collaboration with technical experts at ESTEC and with the European Space industry.

As ESA EO Future Systems Φ-Department, we prepare technology and sensors for future Research Missions like the Earth Explorers and Scouts, for Operational Missions like Copernicus or Meteorological, as well as for commercial EO in the frame of the InCubed programme.

Large deployable reflector subsystem. Assembly of LEA-X5 finished © HPS GMBH, LSS GMBH & AIRBUS SE